Cornerstone Eye Center is based in Rowland Heights, CA. Led by Dr. Grant Lee, a Stanford and UCLA trained physician who is Board Certified, Dr. Lee uses the latest technology to help patients achieve their optimum vision.

Dr. Lee specializes in cataract surgery with an emphasis on multi-focal and astigmatism correcting toric intraocular lenses to develop optimum vision. He also performs a wide range of other types of surgery. 

Dr. Lee also manages dry eye disease, glaucoma, and performs dilated fundus exams. He manages and treats diabetic retinopathy, conjunctivitis, red eye conditions, macular degeneration, and prescribes eyeglass prescriptions. Walk-in appointments are welcome.


Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is cataract extraction with intraocular lens implantation. We are also offering multi-focal and astigmatism correcting lenses for qualified patients. Dr. Lee also is certified to perform Cataract Surgery With Laser, the newest innovative technology.

Treatment / Surgery

Dr. Lee offers glaucoma treatments to preserve healthy eye pressure and prevent vision loss. During treatments, Dr. Lee spends time educating the patient on medications and treatment options. He also performs “Micro-invasive” Glaucoma Surgery, performed in conjunction with Cataract Surgery, to help patients lower their eye pressure.

Comprehensive Routine
Eye Exams

Dr. Lee performs routine eye exams for his patients. Routine comprehensive eye exams help protect patients' eye sight. During the exam, Dr. Lee will look for common vision problems and/or conditions.




This procedure is a therapeutic treatment option for glaucoma or retinal conditions. It can be used to eliminate the need for multiple eye drops. The procedure is quick, safe and relatively painless.

Dry Eye Treatment

This common condition can be managed by visiting our office. Several treatment options are available and Dr. Lee works with patients to determine the right approach to treat this condition.